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Enum ComboBox ItemsSource entirely in XAML

All too often we need to present users with a simple set of options based on an applicable enumerator. I found a great way to do this entirely with XAML, which makes it well suited for the MVVM pattern. Assuming your enumerator names aren’t too cryptic or disgusting, then this trick should work great for any control with an ItemsSource property. The best example of the ObjectDataProvider solution :pushpin: can be found on Ivan Derevianko’s blog.

FabWrapper - Fabrication .Net API from AutoLisp

Note: This is my work, but the this post was from a previous shared blog that the link to this code has since died. It was requested that I re-publish the work. Wrappers have always been something of a magical thing to me. It is the process of taking something programmatically impractical or just plain out of reach and making it more accessible. This would usually be a bullet proof and complete encapsulation of the thing being wrapped that hides anything they chose not to support. Well, that isn’t what I did here, but I certainly did a decent job emulating the complete encapsulation of the largely incompatible typed Autodesk.Fabrication.API.Item namespace. If I did it correctly, then I would have many thousands of lines in code, but I cheated by using ton of .Net reflection to get the most bang (functionality) for my buck (time) with less than 1000 lines of code. In this post I will show you how to use some various lisp functions to puppeteer the Fabrication API namespaces. This w...