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Welcome to my micro-blog. This started because I needed a place to store important things that wasn’t my browser bookmarks; which too quickly becomes a dumping ground. I figured the act of creating a small post would encourage me to only save things here that could actually matter in my future and hopefully be a lot more organized in the process.

With that said, the goal of this site is mostly to help direct myself and other people to exactly the thing on a given topic that wound up helping me out with whatever problem I was having at the time. There may be the occasional post with my own work, but for the most part someone out there has typically solved just about everything and if they made their intent clear, then I’d rather just point to them instead of needlessly duplicating the work.

Another reason I am recording things in this way is to insure they will still be there in the future. All too often I find a post marked as an answer and its pointing to something that no longer exists. So, it will be my objective to provide all links to obscure resources with both the original and an internet-archive version.

About Me

I don’t know why you would care, but if for some strange reason you do… I have been an hobbyist programmer for well over a decade working in the 3D modeling & construction coordination industry. I have made vast amounts of automation tools for Autodesk software and all kinds of other random things along the way. I have a long history of solving problems, especially the ones I am most effected by, but I am also constantly on the lookout for ways I can increase our output and/or improve the quality. If you call me in on a Saturday to do some trivial repetitive stuff, I will more likely build a tool that insures there is absolutely no need to ask me (or anyone else) to come in the following Saturday.

A personal interest of mine is Virtual/Augmented Reality, I still think its a technology that isn’t ready for mass consumption (more of a toy) but I do see a bright future in it and I’ve have had lot of fun making VR demo’s with Unity for my employers convention booths.

I love to play with new automation toys, but there is never enough time to use half of what I want to explore. So, I wind up spending a very large amount of my personal time dabbling in all kinds random things and often not getting nearly enough sleep along the way. That’s my life… Sounds sad, but it makes me happy! Which is why I have already put my notice in at a very well paid position so I can formally move into the software industry as of May 2021.