Posts Totally off topic, but I am not crazy!

Totally off topic, but I am not crazy!

This is not programming or even tech related, but I do want to help broadcast this.

Since I was 14, I’ve had some very frustrating food allergies that basically didn’t let me eat anything “fresh”, this is not only unhealthy, but also makes everyone think your just being a pain in the ass. Well, today I stumbled on something regarding Oral Allergy Syndrome” and this definition is pretty much verbatim what I’ve been telling people for years and nobody ever believed me; I honestly had a hard time believing myself…

Note: that article says PFAS (Pollen-Food Allergy Syndrome) is another term for OAS.

I would always try to explain to my wife, friends and family that they will need to nearly murder the vegetables (cook to death) or I can’t eat them. The strangest thing is that statement applied to ALL of them, not just certain groups. Of course, nobody really wants to do that so I basically just haven’t ate very healthy over the years. When asked, I would try to tell them that the closer to “fresh” they are, the more mouth and throat irritations I would have to endure. When you go on to explain that cooking them well actually eliminates the allergic reaction, then they all pretty much look at you like your crazy. Again, I don’t blame them and its so absurd that I half believed it was all in my head too!

My recovery and unlikely treatment

Equally absurd, I did find a treatment for my OAS completely by accident. When I was around 35, I wound up going on a strict Atkins diet. If you think about it, Atkins is the perfect diet for somebody with Oral Allergy Syndrome… Now, I did that for a solid 3-4 months and the coming off phase was quite extended (probably another 3-4 months) where I continued to kind of bounce in and out of ketosis. Oddly enough, by the end of that process the vast majority of my irritations went away. I don’t know if this was purely circumstantial (allergies do change), but that was the turning point for me.

Please note, I do still have a TON of allergies in general and some foods do still bother me (like bananas & carrots), but significantly less these days. I can definitively eat at least small quantities of any fresh fruits and vegetables without any meaningful ramifications. In many cases I can eat as much as I want without a notable reaction.

So, I am not saying this will help you, but it did me. My guess is that you’ll just be glad know you aren’t crazy. Personally, knowing that this is a real thing almost makes me teary eye’d simply because nobody ever believed me and that manifested doubt in myself. Unfortunately, the absurdity of this condition and the doubt I had, pretty much meant I haven’t thoroughly consulted an allergist on the matter… If I did, it was many years ago and this is a more recent development they probably weren’t aware of at the time.

I hope this helps even 1 person to know their condition is very real.

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